Carla Bittel

Visiting Scholar (Jun 2017)

PhD, Associate Professor of History, Loyola Marymount University

Carla Bittel earned her PhD at Cornell University, and is Associate Professor of History at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. As a Visiting Scholar at the MPIWG she is also a coorganizer of the Department 2 Working Group “Working with Paper: Gendered Practices in the History of Knowledge.” Her project, “Tools of the Phrenological Trade,” examines phrenology’s paper practices, and how they shaped, and were shaped by, notions of gender. Carla also participated in the Working Group “Beyond the Academy: Histories of Gender and Knowledge,” publishing this work in the journal Centaurus.

Carla has written on the history of women’s health, women physicians, and the role of science in medicine. Her first book, Mary Putnam Jacobi and the Politics of Medicine in Nineteenth-Century America, was published in 2009. She has published in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, and contributed to the edited volume Women Physicians and the Cultures of Medicine. Her research has been supported by several grants, including a Scholar’s Award from the National Science Foundation.


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Tools of the Phrenological Trade: Gender, Paper, and Practices in Antebellum America


Woman, Know Thyself: Producing and Using Phrenological Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century America


Working with Paper: Gendered Practices in the History of Knowledge


Selected Publications

Bittel, C. (2013). Woman, know thyself: producing and using phrenological knowledge in 19th-century America. Centaurus, 55(2), 104-130. doi:10.1111/1600-0498.12015.

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