David Bloor

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2014-Aug 2016)

PhD, Emeritus Professor of Sociology of Science at the University of Edinburgh

David Bloor was originally trained in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Keele but then took a degree in experimental psychology at the University of Cambridge and a doctorate in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. For many years he was the Director of the Science Studies Unit in Edinburgh where he is now Professor Emeritus. His main work is in the sociology of scientific knowledge and he has recently published a detailed case-study The Enigma of the Aerofoil. Rival Theories in Aerodynamics, 1909–1930. He is now working on the history of experimental psychology but with particular reference to the psychological study of flying skills and pilot error and the impact of military concerns on the academic discipline of experimental psychology.


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Interpretation of the Cambridge Cockpit Experiments


Rival Theories of Aerofoil, 1904–26



The Cambridge Cockpit and the Berlin Cockpit. Problems in the Study of Flying Fatigue c. 1940