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Structure and Organization of the Institute

Scientific Advisory Board

Departments and Research Groups

Service Units

The Institute’s Staff

The Institute’s Research Scholars

The Research Program of the Institute, its Departments and Research Groups


Department I (Director: Jürgen Renn)

Department II (Director: Lorraine Daston)

Department III (Director: Hans-Jörg Rheinberger)

Independent Research Group I (Director: Ursula Klein)

Independent Research Group II (Director: H. Otto Sibum)

Max Planck Society Research Fellowship for Outstanding Women Scholars

Provision of Matériel, Equipment, and Working Space

The Facility

Library and Documentation Unit

Computing Service Unit

Information Technology Project Group

Junior Scientists and Guest Scientists

The Institute’s Visiting Scholars and Research Fellows

Relations with German and Foreign Research Institutions



Cooperation Partners


Teaching Activities

Hosted Scholars

Symposia, Conferences, Colloquia

Berlin Summer Academy 2001 “Human Origins”

Other Conferences and Workshops

Conferences 2002

The Institute’s Colloquia

Academic Achievements, Scientific Awards, and Memberships

Habilitation Theses

PhD Theses




Public Evening Lecture Series 2001: Maschinenmenschen - Menschenmaschinen

Conference: Science between Money and Mind (Wissenschaft zwischen Geld und Geist) 16-18 November 2000

Studientag Wissenschaftsgeschichte

Book Presentations

Publications and Preprints


Preprints 2000-2001

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