Methods and Tools (2014-)


As the scope of the history of science expands beyond Europe and North America, methodological questions concerning the essential characteristics of the discipline have to be addressed. The Get-It-Published program aims to foster a collaborative research environment and international discourse by inviting young international scholars to be part of Department III. At present, the project centers on scholars whose ongoing doctoral work is in the Chinese language and who are in the final stages of their research.

Fellowships are open to students whose research topic is related to the history of science, technology, and medicine or science and technology studies. The working language of the MPIWG is English. Get-It-Published scholars must be comfortable not only with written English but with spoken English, as they are expected to present and discuss their research and that of other members of Department III.

Regular meetings are held to support both the writing process and academic development. Candidates are expected to have finished their Chinese thesis and be in a position to devote five months to writing and preparing an article in English for journal publication.