Beekeeping in the End Times film poster

Honey’s vanishing. Bees and stories are keeping us going.

Project (2022-2023)

Beekeeping in the End Times

Beekeeping in the End Times, a book and a documentary film, are trials in developing an eco-eschatology: a blend of ecological and Islamic eschatological insights that helps us grasp the feel of the present and grope for ways of living through our “catastrophic times.” Focused on honeybees and local beekeepers’ honey hunting practices, the film documents the ways in which bees and beekeepers in Bosnia weather the local effects of global climate change. While the range of ecological alterations that beekeepers note is alarming and wider than the conventionally stated concerns about the climate future of pollination, the film foregrounds Islamic end-times stories and emergent moods about the vanishing honey.


Jasarevic, Larisa (2024). Beekeeping in the End Times. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

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