Painting by Hilma af Klimt

HaK133, Painting by Hilma af Klimt, courtesy of The Hilma af Klint Foundation _ Photo_Moderna Museet-Stockholm


Applying for Advertised Positions

Fellowships are advertised on the Institute-wide careers page. Specific instructions are given for each fellowship advertised.

Unsolicited Applications

Department III also welcomes unsolicited applications from scholars who consider their work directly relevant to ongoing, active working groups (please check the research structure page for their duration). Scholars of all career stages from Predoctoral Fellow upwards can apply. Fellowships are awarded on the basis of the qualifications of the applicant and the fit of the proposed research to ongoing working groups. Applications should include:

  • formal letter of application, stating dates of desired stay and source of funding (if any);
  • a curriculum vitae, including publication list;
  • a brief research proposal (maximum 1,000 words) in which the relationship to an ongoing working group in Department III is made clear;
  • for predoctoral students, a letter from their dissertation advisor.

Only electronic applications to this portal will be considered.

Department Artifacts Action Knowledge is not currently accepting unsolicited applications. The MPIWG will soon launch a new guest program. Please check this web page for news and updates.
Requests for Letters of Support

Many research funding programs and fellowship competitions require letters of support from potential hosting institutions during the application process. Department III welcomes such requests from scholars of all career stages from Predoctoral Fellow upwards and will consider them on a case-by-case basis, but only if they are made at least two months before the application deadline. Please follow all instructions and requirements for “Unsolicited Applications” to request a letter of support. In addition

  • please note in your formal letter of application to Department III that a letter of support is requested, including its full details and requirements (e.g., deadline, method of submission, length, institutional or individual sponsors, including templates if applicable).
  • please include your draft application for the funding program or fellowship competition for which you are requesting a letter of support.
  • after submitting your request via the “Unsolicited Applications” electronic portal, please email Department III separately so that your request could be considered outside of the four review dates per year if necessary.
Calls for Papers & Events

Colloquia and workshops are advertised on the website events page, with registration information or requirements shown for each event. Calls for papers are posted on the news page as and when they arise.