Fusion of two images: "Dyers scraping stenciled fabrics," figure 235, Hommel & Mercer, China at Work 1937, and "Indian indigo-dye worker," photo A. Mamidipudi, 2017.

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Artist in Residence (1 Sep 2019-31 Oct 2019)

Out of Place out of Time: Film Project

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Aug 2017-31 Jul 2020)


Mapping the Arab City: Alexandria, Cairo and Tunis in the Early Modern Period

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan 2020-30 Sep 2021)

(1) Working Group Visualization of the Heavens and Their Material Cultures, die mit weitverzweigter internationaler Kooperation eine Datenbank zu visuellen Darstellungen himmlischer und atmosphärischer Erscheinungen in Kulturen Eurasiens und Nordafrikas vom 4. Jahrtausend v.u.Z. bis 1700 u.Z. erarbeitet und Forschungsprojekte mit entsprechenden Publikationen durchführt (2) DFG Projekt zu Atlanten und Karten von 'Ali und Muhammad al-Sharafi und al-Hajj Abu l-Hasan (16.Jahrhundert).

Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2019-31 Dec 2019)

Professor of Chinese History and Republic of China Chair, University of British Columbia

A Price History of Ming China

Visiting Student (16 Sep 2019-13 Dec 2019)

Do the Machines Speak? Looking for a New Way of Understanding Animals in Historical Discourse

Digital Content Curator (Since Jan 2014)


Visiting Scholar (15 Jul 2019-14 Jul 2020)

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, National Tsing Hua University

A Comparative Study on the Knowledge Structures of Local Gazetteers

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2019-31 Dec 2019)


Mediterranean Nautical Cartography in Arabic and Ottoman Turkish: Islands or Gateways of Knowledge in the Sea of Transcultural and Translinguistic Translation Processes?

Visiting Scholar (1 Jun 2019-31 Dec 2019)

PhD, The Centre for Studies on China, Korea and Japan, CNRS-EHESS, Paris, France

Chinese Maps Collected by the MPIWG: Geo-Referencing and New Acquisitions

Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2018-31 Dec 2019)

PhD, Research Associate at Humboldt University, Matters of Activity: Image Space Material

Wild Silk of West Africa: Towards an Indigenous Science of Materials

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2019-31 Jan 2020)

PhD Candidate, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Meat, Cattle, and a Capital City: Slaughterhouses, Animals, and Meat Production in Rio de Janeiro during the Last Years of the Brazilian Empire

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2019-31 Jan 2020)

Doctoral Student, Sydney University

Nature and Nation: Documentation and the Practice of "Natural History" at the Australian Museum, 1840–1890

Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2018-31 Dec 2019)

PhD, Associate Professor, Aalto University

The Uses and Abuses of Things: Reconceptualizing Technology-in-Use within the History of Technology

Senior Research Scholar (1 Sep 2015-19 Aug 2021)


"Understanding the Anthropocene": The Level of the Sea

Visiting Scholar (30 Mar 2020-4 Dec 2020)

Frailties of the Green Revolution: On Transferring Agricultural Technology from Temperate to Tropical Zones

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jun 2020-31 Aug 2021)

“The Rhythms of War and Farming in Early Modern China and Korea.”

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (15 Sep 2018-14 Sep 2020)


Changes, Continuities, and Innovations in Music Theory and Musical Thought in Early Medieval China, 316-581 CE

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2018-31 Aug 2020)


Biology for the Nation: The International Biological Program in South Korea and Taiwan during the Cold War Era, 1961-1975

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2017-31 Aug 2020)


Engineering Metropolis: Contagion, Capital, and the Making of British Colonial Cairo, 1882-1922

Visiting Scholar (29 Nov 2019-28 Dec 2019)

Phd, Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies and Languages Universtiy of Stavanger, Norway

Touched Nature: A History of the Norwegian Leisure Cabin, 1850-2020

Visiting Scholar (23 Sep 2019-31 Oct 2019)

Dr., MARKK - Museum am Rothenbaum, Hamburg

Coloured Maps from East Asia from the Museum am Rothenbaum in Hamburg: A Study of a Chinese Scroll Map entitled Tianxia yutu

IT Architect (1 Jan 2020-31 Dec 2020)


IT Developer (1 Oct 2018-30 Sep 2020)


Sources for the Study of Chinese History

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Oct 2019-30 Nov 2019)

Chinese Local Geography before Local Gazetteers

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2019-31 May 2020)

PhD, University of Maastricht

A Song for a Blue God: Essence, Embodiment, and Equity in Colour.

Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2019-31 May 2020)

PhD, Associate Professor, Program in Science, Technology, and Society MIT, USA

African Chemistry: Science with an African Totem

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan 2017-31 Jul 2017)

PhD, Associate Professor of History, Arizona State University

Infrastructures of Planning in Japanese Overseas Development

Visiting Scholar (1 Oct 2019-31 Dec 2019)

PhD, Research Professor of History and Philosophy of Science

The Global History of the Swing

Senior Research Scholar (1 Sep 2015-28 Feb 2023)


Barren Structures: The Problem of Sterility in the Age of Plenty

Senior Research Scholar (1 Sep 2017-5 Sep 2020)


Predoctoral Fellow (15 Sep 2017-14 Nov 2020)

MA, Doctoral Student, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Insects as Knowledge Goods and Global Commodities: Hans Sauter's Formosa Collections

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Mar 2020-31 Jul 2020)

Investigating the Creation of an Interdisciplinary Research Field Through Bibliographic Data The Case of Agricultural Meteorology in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan 2019-31 Dec 2019)

PhD, Research Fellow, Argentine National Council of Science (CONICET)

The Elk, the Tapir, their Hooves, and the Falling Sickness: A Story of Substitution, Trade, and Animal Medical Substances

Visiting Scholar (4 Oct 2019-29 Nov 2019)


Empires of Knowledge: Colonial Patent Systems in the Atlantic World during the Industrial Age

Visiting Scholar (24 Aug 2020-30 Jun 2021)

Communication in Early Modern Eurasia: Translation, Memory, and Power

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2017-31 Aug 2020)


A Transnational History of Mountaineering

Artist in Residence (1 Sep 2019-30 Jun 2020)

Informing Ethical Engineering—Mobilizing Histories of Science toward Ethical Material Choices

Visiting Scholar (6 Feb 2020-6 Mar 2020)

German Expatriate Practitioners of Natural History

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Mar 2020-30 Jun 2020)

Dr. Julia Sanchez-Dorado

Judgments of Similarity and Idealizations in Geodetical Practices

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (23 Mar 2020-31 Jul 2020)

The Transformation of Human-Camel Relations in Somaliland

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2019-31 Jan 2020)

PhD Candidate, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta

A History of Electrification in India: 1890s–1980s

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2017-31 Dec 2019)


Public Health, Modern Agriculture, and Wars Against Insect Enemies: Pest Control and the Making of Applied Entomology in Modern China, 1915-1960

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2019-31 Aug 2020)


Early Histories of Plants from the Americas in the Early Modern Ottoman World

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (15 Nov 2018-15 May 2020)


Different Culture, Different Climate? Seeking Cultural Cifferences in the Climate Knowledge and Ideas

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2018-31 Aug 2021)

Engendering Wildlife and Whiteness: Elephants, Ivory, and Zoos (1870s–1940s)

Postdoctoral Fellow (9 Sep 2019-8 Sep 2020)


DFG-Project: Mediterranean and Nautical Cartography in Arabic and Ottoman Turkish: Islands or Gateways of Knowledge in the Sea of Transcultural and Translinguistic Translation Processes?

Visiting Scholar (14 Jun 2019-31 Dec 2019)

PhD, University Professorial Fellow, Charles Darwin University

Theory as "A Plan"—Asking about the Effects of Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox in Analytic Work

Research Scholar, IT Project Manager (15 May 2017-31 Dec 2020)

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2018-31 Aug 2020)

PhD candidate, Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context", Heidelberg University

Reaping the Benefits of Water—The Political Epistemologies of Water in Imperial China

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Mar 2020-31 Aug 2021)

Computer-aided Approaches to Study of the Japanese Buddhist World Maps of the 14th to 19th Century

Visiting Scholar (21 Mar 2019-31 Dec 2019)

PhD, Professor, Department of History, Research Institute for Pre-modern Chinese History Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

The Chang of Chinese Traditional General Maps: A Study on Two General Maps of the Late Qing Empire

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Aug 2019-30 Apr 2020)

MA, Doctoral Student, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Patronage, Politics and Astral Sciences in the Mongol Empire (1206-1368)

IT Developer (20 Mar 2017-19 Mar 2021)

Research Scholar (15 Mar 2018-12 Apr 2020)


Empire, Nature and Pharmacology in the Ottoman World, 1400-1800