Dept. II

Colloquium Program 2012–19

The Department II Colloquium occurs twice per month. The format is 30 minutes of commentary and response by the paper's author, followed by 90 minutes of general discussion. Attendees must read the precirculated paper, sent out a week in advance.

Academic Year 2018–19

2018 Author Paper Title Commentator
September 10   All-Day Departmental Workshop  
September 19 Karine Chemla Writing Abstractly in Mathematical Texts from Early Imperial China Philip Kitcher
October 10 Ion Mihailescu    
October 17 Suzanne Marchand In the Footsteps of Herodotus: Fact-Checking the "Father of History" in the Nineteenth Century  
November 7 Hansun Hsiung The Problem of the Solution (Manual): Episodes in the History of Copyright and Creativity  
November 21 Jenny Rampling    
December 5 Katja Krause Envisioning the Usefulness of Science in the Middle Ages Katharine Park
December 19 Sebastian Felten and Christine von Oertzen The History of Bureaucratic Knowledge  


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