Fynn Ole Engler, Mathias Iven, and Jürgen Renn Publish Correspondence between Einstein and Schlick

"Briefwechsel" is the first publication to print the correspondenceCover of Briefwechsel between renowned physicist and Nobel Prize Winner Albert Einstein and founder of the "Vienna Circle" Moritz Schlick in full and with continuous annotations. Some of Einstein's letters printed here appear in public for the first time. The volume is preceded by introductory remarks by Hanoch Gutfreund and Don Howard, who both extensively supported this publication.

The edition provides insight into the intense debates between science and philosophy triggered by the theory of relativity and quantum theory. To this day, they continue to have a decisive influence on our understanding of nature. Additionally, their correspondence highlights Einstein and Schlick's familiarity and showcases the historical circumstances in which they lived. 

Through their activities, Einstein and Schlick helped deepen a close interaction between science and philosophy, but also helped build politically and socially effective institutions. Their communication breaks off a few months after Adolf Hitler's rise to power. Following this, Einstein left for the United States, while Schlick was shot dead on the steps of the University of Vienna in 1936. Thus, these letters also document the end of an era in which scientific philosophy reached a high point through the work of Einstein and Schlick.