Suparna Choudhury

Research scholar
September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2012

Suparna Choudhury is currently investigating the development of naturalized conceptions of adolescence through cognitive neuroscience as part of the Cerebral Subject project, which traces the historical development, topography and functioning of ‘brainhood’ in contemporary culture ( This follows from her postdoctoral research on cultural constructions of the brain at the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University and her PhD in Neuroscience on social cognitive development during adolescence at University College London. She is also developing an interdisciplinary project on Critical Neuroscience, which aims to open up new experimental and interpretive possibilities by connecting social and historical studies of neuroscience to experimental neuroscience, itself (
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April 2011
The neurological adolescent in the digital age – Advanced Summer Institute, Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University
June 2007
Social cognitive development during adolescence - Lifespan Institute Social Cognition Think Tank, California
July 2007
Towards a 'critical neuroscience' - Why Bioethics? workshop, University of Cambridge, UK
December 2010
Critical neuroscience: the case of adolescence – Mind the Brain conference, Lausanne, Switzerland
August 2010
“Wired up differently” – presentation for panel discussion on Neurological Identities - 4S Conference, Tokyo
December 2009
What should we do with the teenage brain? Mental capital, cortical plasticity and the adolescent - Institute of Social Medicine, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
August 2009
Exploring folk neurology: public perceptions of the “teen brain” - International School on Mind, Brain & Education, Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice.
January 2009
Linking neuroscience and society through critical practice - Critical Neuroscience conference, UCLA
November 2008
Critical Neuroscience: the example of the adolescent brain - Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabruck
July 2008
Critical Neuroscience: idea and applications - Critical Neuroscience workshop, McGill University, Montreal
October 2007
The social brain and its cultural context - Culture and Mental Health Research Meeting, McGill University, Montreal
Teaching activities
Division of Social & Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada - Adjunct Faculty
Critical Neuroscience - Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabruck, Germany


Max Planck Institute for the History of Science 
Boltzmannstraße 22 
14195 Berlin