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Pomegranate. Drawing in colour with description, part of the sketchbook of Jan Brandes, pt. 1 (1808), p. 105. Collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, NG-1985-7-1-67.
Poster for the international music and theater exhibition in Vienna, 1892. Ernst Klimt, 1892 © Albertina Wien.
Tibetan Globe
The ‘Ectara' by C. V. Raman (1909).
"A Dandy Fainting or—An Exquisite in Fits," by Isaac Robert Cruikshank, 1818.
"Dha Nhim Hydroelectric Development" (1956)

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Department I | Structural Changes in Systems of Knowledge

Department II | Ideals and Practices of Rationality

MPG Minerva Research Group | Reading and Writing Nature in Early Modern Europe

Max Planck Research Program | History of the Max Planck Society

TOPOI Junior Research Group | Between Knowledge and Innovation: the Unequal-Armed Balance