Chinese Local Gazetteers "Terminology"

July 3 | 10:00 to July 31 | 17:00

Department III

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Boltzmannstraße 22, 14195 Berlin, Room 265

The Local Gazetteers Terminology workshop gathers together comprehensive research projects comparatively investigating how Chinese Local Gazetteers recorded names for things across territories and periods.  Together, we will investigate different methods—clustered or decentralized, generally presented or regionally specific—that are used to record representational formats: texts, objects, genres, and terms. We tackle these issues by re-imagining local gazetteers beyond their traditional role as a source of specific local information. Exploiting the possibilities offered by digital humanities for processing and analysing large text corpora, the Chinese Local Gazetteers is addressed as a whole, the entire genre becomes one large database.

In this workshop six senior scholars are working collaboratively to ask: what can our digital tools bring to the study of knowledge terminology in Chinese Local Gazetteers? By developing tools to quickly extract and expediently analyse data from across regions and periods, we will increase efficiency in working with the huge amounts of data embedded in the Chinese Local Gazetteers and achieve an unprecedentedly complete view of the variations of terminology.


The workshop offers two public events: July 3 and July 26 for details see the attached flyer





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