Dept. II

Ideals & Practices of Rationality

Director Lorraine Daston

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Director (Since Jul 1995)

PhD, Professor, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago

Moral and Natural Orders, History of Scientific Data, Cognitive Practices of Science


Department II in 2018. Photo by Dagmar Stratenschulte.

Services & Administration

Research Scholar (Since Jan 2002)


Research IT

Editorial Assistant (Since Oct 2004)


Departmental Assistant

Researchers 2018–19

Visiting Scholar (2 Jan 2017-31 Dec 2019)


The Ontological Status of Geometrical Objects in the Commentary on the Elements of Euclid of Jaques Jacques Peletier du Mans (1517 -1882)

Research Scholar (Since Jan 2002)


Research IT

Visiting Scholar (9 Jun 2019-9 Aug 2019)

PhD, Thomas M. Siebel Professor in the History of Science, Princeton University

Environmental Health and Regulatory Science

Visiting Scholar (Jan 2019-31 Jan 2019)

PhD, University of Sydney, Australia, Lecturer, School for the History and Philosophy of Science

The Known and the Lived: Melitta Schiller–Stauffenberg, 1903–1945

Visiting Scholar (Apr 2019-15 Apr 2019)

PhD, University of Cambridge, Dept. of History and Philosohy of Science

"A Sincere and a Faithful Eye": Hand-Eye Co-ordination in Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophy

Senior Research Scholar (Since Jun 2005)

PD Dr.

The Science of Statistics and the Politics of Censustaking; Early Childhood Development Studies in Nineteenth–Century America

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Oct 2019-31 Dec 2019)

Children of Science: Development, Psychology, and Visual Media Technology in Arnold Gesell's Developmental Psychology (1911–1953)

Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2018-31 Oct 2018)

PhD, Alexander P. Misheff Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Paul E. Geier Director, Villa I Tatti, Florence, Italy

Architecture in Two Dimensions. From Drawing to Photography

Visiting Scholar (1 Mar 2019-14 Apr 2019)

PhD, Professor, École normale supérieure de Paris

Editing "Le mecaniche" and Reevaluating the Practical Knowledge of Renaissance Engineers

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (15 Jan 2019-30 Nov 2019)


Breathing Between Laboratory and Clinic, 1885-1968