Shih-Pei Chen

Digital Content Curator (Since 2014)


Shih-Pei Chen received her PhD from National Taiwan University as a computer scientist with a focus on digital humanities. Her dissertation, “Information Technology for Historical Document Analysis”, explores ways of analyzing digital full texts of historical documents using information technologies. After her PhD, Shih-Pei conducted her postdoctoral research at the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences of Harvard University and managed the China Biographical Database (CBDB), a digital database that collects biographical data for figures of historical China. Shih-Pei joined MPIWG in January 2014 as the digital content curator at MPIWG where she works with historians in order to develop digital tools that can open up new methodologies of conducting historical research in the digital age. 


Digital Humanities


Local Gazetteers


Mapping Drugs across Epistemic and Geographic Domains in Early Medieval China


The WebGIS Platform of Historical Maps of China


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Selected Publications

Chen, S.-P. (submitted). The magic of dropbox, its virtuality and materiality.


Chen, S.-P., Hong, Z., Schäfer, D., Siebert, M., & Urzúa, J. (2016). Compiling a database on historical China from local records: the Local Gazetteers Project at MPIWG. In M. Eder, & J. Rybicki (Eds.), Digital Humanities 2016: conference…


Pang, W. H., & Chen, S.-P. (2016). From text to data: extracting posting data from Chinese local gazetteers. In J. Hsiang (Ed.), Digital humanities: between past, present and future 數位人文:在過去、現在和未來之間. Taipei: National Taiwan University Press.


Chen, S.-P. (2016). Remapping Locust Temples of Historical China and the use of GIS (重制陳正祥之蝗神廟分佈圖與淺談 GIS 的使用). Review of Religion and Chinese Society, 3(2), 149-163. doi:10.1163/22143955-00302002.


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

The 6th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities 2015, Taipei, Taiwan


Conference "Scales of Knowledge: Zooming in and out," Heidelberg, Germany

Digital Humanities Conference 2015, University of Western Sydney, Australia

"Historical Method and Computerized Data Collection and Analysis"

Workshop, Chinese Local Gazetteers (地方志), MPIWG, Berlin, Germany

Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference (AAS 2015), Chicago, USA

Crossover & Transformation: The 5th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities 2014, Taipei, Taiwan

Annual Meeting for the History of Science Society, (HSS), Chicago, USA

International Workshop on Digital Sinology and Taiwan Studies, Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

Conference on Quantitative Approaches in the Humanities, Hanover, Germany

Digital Humanities Conference 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland