Oscar João Abdounur

Visiting Scholar (Dez 2018-Feb 2019)

PhD, Associate Professor, Instituto of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of São Paulo

Oscar researches a historical and interdisciplinary account of theoretical music and mathematics in the early modern period and its implications for education. Other interests include the theories of ratio in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, heuristics and analogical thought, history and mathematics education and the internationalization of mathematical knowledge in Brazil.


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Structural Mathematical Change in Musical Thought in the Early Modern Period


Selected Publications

Abdounur, Oscar João (2019). “The Emergence of the Idea of Real Number in the Context of Theoretical Music in the Renaissance.” In Culture and Cognition: Essays in Honor of Peter Damerow, ed. J. Renn and M. Schemmel, 181–186. Berlin: Edition Open…

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Abdounur, Oscar João (2018). “Erasmus Horicius and Ratio’s Conceptions in Teaching/Learning Contexts: A Historic Educational Approach.” In Current Issues in Educational Methods and Theory in a Changing World, ed. G. Caruth and M. Ticusan, 157–164…

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Abdounur, Oscar João (2017). “Structural Transformations in the Relationships between Mathematics and Music up to the Renaissance and the Emergence of the Idea of Number as a Continuous Quantity.” In Advances in Mathematics Research. Vol. 21, ed. A…

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Abdounur, Oscar João (2017). “Theories of Ratio in Competition in Theoretical Music in the Late Middle Ages.” In Advances in Mathematics Research. Vol. 24, ed. A. R. Baswell, 33–43. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

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