Hannah Erlwein obtained a PhD in Islamic Studies from SOAS University of London in 2016 with a dissertation entitled Arguments for the Existence of God in Classical Islamic Thought: A Reappraisal of Perspectives and Discourses (De Gruyter, 2019). From October 2017 to September 2019, she was a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Peter Adamson at LMU Munich, being part of the DFG-funded research project “Natur in politischen Ordnungsentwürfen.” Her research focused on the way in which Avicenna presents the religious law as reflective of the structure of the cosmos. From 2015 to 2017, she worked as an editorial assistant for the Journal of Qur’anic Studies. She taught courses on aspects of Islamic intellectual history and Arabic between 2012 and 2017 at SOAS University of London. Hannah has been part of Katja Krause’s research group “Experience in the Premodern Sciences of Soul & Body ca. 800–1650” since October 2019, where she conducts research on the role of experience in gaining scientific knowledge in the thought of classical and post-classical Islamic thinkers.


Demarcating Experiential Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge in the Premodern Islamic Context (9th–14th Century CE)


Knowing the Observable and the Unobservable in Islamic Thought


Premodern History of Signification: Putting Experiences into Words, Images, and Signs


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