Giovanni Fava

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Aug 2022-Okt 2022)

Giovanni Fava studied philosophy in Trento and Bologna. He is currently based at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, where he is working on a thesis devoted to the concept of transcendental geology. His project aims to study and deepen the connections between geology and ontology in the epoch of the Anthropocene. His work focuses on the epistemological aspects of the concept of the Anthropocene while trying to develop its philosophical and political implications. His research deals with the problems of multitemporality, the relationship between human and natural history, and eco-marxism.

Furthermore, Giovanni’s interests span the philosophy of nature, political ecology, cultural anthropology, and contemporary french philosophy, with special reference to Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s thought.  

Selected Publications

Fava, Giovanni (2021). “Per un’ontologia della soglia: note su natura e cultura in Philippe Descola.” Aretè 6 (20): 293–308.

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Fava, Giovanni (2021). “La natura non ha storia. Note sul concetto di natura nell’Introduzione alla lettura di Hegel di Alexandre Kojève.” Suite française 4: 27–42.

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Fava, Giovanni (2020). “Dal punto di vista del naturalismo: Su natura e cultura a partire dall’antropologia di Philippe Descola.” InCircolo 9: 95–121.

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Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

The Chiasm between Human and Nature. Towards a Merleau-Pontyan Reading of Chakrabarty’s Theses on Climate

Defining the Human in Environmental Humanities

Venice International University

Towards an Ecology of Relations: Ontological Assumptions and Theoretical Problems in Philippe Descola’s Work.

Future. Anthropologies of the Future, the Future of Anthropology–III National SIAC Congress

University La Sapienza of Rome

Another Look at the Naturalistic Fallacy: on Some Ecological Aspects of Philippe Descola’s Anthropology

Veganism: a Paradigm Shift? (online)

University La Sapienza of Rome

De la cosmologie à l’écologie: d’autres étapes pour une écologie des relations, à partir de Philippe Descola

Cosmologies: une besoin (de) métaphisique? (online)

University of Lille

Myth without Subject: Structuralist Analysis of Myth in Claude Lévi Strauss’s Anthropology.

Myth and Philosophy: Graduate and Undergraduate

University of Trento