Anna Maerker

Visiting Scholar (Jun 2022-Dez 2022)

Anna Märker is Senior Lecturer in History at King's College London. She is the author of Model Experts: Wax Anatomies and Enlightenment in Florence and Vienna, 1775–1815 (Manchester University Press, 2011/paperback 2015), and has published in journals such as Osiris, History of Science, BJHS, and History & Technology. She is Associate Editor of Nuncius: Journal of the Material and Visual History of Science, Historian in Residence at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and co-curator of Objects in Transition.Her current project, Model Communities: Artificial Anatomies in Global Circulation, c. 1820-1920, investigates the creation and global significance of detachable anatomical models in the nineteenth century.


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Papier-maché: The Materiality of Anatomical Models and the Gendering of Model Users During the Nineteenth Century


Selected Publications

Märker, Anna (2021). “Objects.” In A Cultural History of Medicine in the Age of Empire, ed. J. Reinarz, 129–152. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

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Märker, Anna (2019). “Papier-mâché Anatomical Models: The Making of Reform and Empire in Nineteenth-Century France and Beyond.” In Working with Paper: Gendered Practices in the History of Knowledge, ed. C. Bittel, E. Leong, and C. von Oertzen, 177…

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Märker, Anna (2015). “Towards a comparative history of touch and spaces of display : the body as epistemic object.” Historical Social Research 40 (1): 284–300.

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Märker, Anna (2015). “Within one’s grasp : anatomical displays from cabinet of curiosities to shop window.” Historical Social Research 40 (1): 284–300.

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