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Jingjia Qiu

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Nov 2023-Jan 2024)

Jingjia Qiu received his PhD in the ancient history of China from Peking University in 2014. He now works at the Renmin University of China as an associate professor. At the MPIWG, Jingjia is part of Shih-Pei Chen’s Working Group, “Fenye in Local Gazatteers,” where he focuses on the records of “field allocation” in the local gazetteers of the Song dynasty (960–1279). He has published a book, Between Heaven and Earth: A Historical Study on the “Field Allocation” Astrology in Chinese Tradition [天地之间:天文分野的历史学研究 tiandi zhi jian: tianwen fenye de lishi xue yanjiu], and dozens of papers on the Song-Liao-Jin history of China.

Current Projects

Fenye in Local Gazetteers

Completed Projects

Records of Field Allocation in the Song Dynasty Local Gazatteers