Javier Martínez Dos Santos

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Feb 2024-Mar 2024)

Javier Martínez Dos Santos studied history and philosophy at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He is currently a PhD candidate at the same university, where he is carrying out a project titled “Sensitive Machines: The Body and the Culture of the Nerves in the Spanish Enlightenment (1690–1820).” The project investigates how the development of nervous physiology during the long eighteenth century modified many of the views of the body, gender, passions, and the senses of preceding centuries in the Hispanic context.

Javier’s research focuses on the historical interactions between medicine and religion, the history of gender, and the history of the body and the emotions. He has been a visiting researcher at the European University Institute (Florence) and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and has published his research in journals including Hispania Sacra, Espacio, Tiempo y Forma, and Theatrum Historiae.




  • “Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown: the diagnoses of hypochondria and male hysteria in Spain c.1800–c.1850” in Darina Martykánová & Marie Walin (eds), Ser Hombre: Masculinidades en la España del siglo XIX. Seville, University of Seville Press, 2023.
  • “A Counter-Enlightened Catholic Antropology of the Passions: Medicine, Religion and Politics in Lorenzo Hervás y Panduro’s “The Physical Man” (1804)”, Hispania Sacra, 2023; (forthcoming).  
  • Lost (and Found) in Translation: The Reception of Pinel’s and Esquirol’s Psychiatric Theories and the Conformation of Melancholy, Hypochondria, Mania and Hysteria in Spain, 18001850”, Theatrum Historiae. 2021; 27: 121–151


Visualizing the Soul in Early Enlightenment Iberian Medicine


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