System requirements

The present version of the electronic representation of Ms. Gal. 72 is rather memory extensive. It should nevertheless run with any standard HTML browser set to its suggested memory requirements.

The file system is created using a narrowly interpreted ISO 9660 standard.It contains about 20.000 files, with one exception (JAVA applet) simple HTML text files and images in JPEG and GIF formats. Nevertheless, CD-ROM copies may not be universally usable because of the incompatibility of the UNIX and Windows95 file systems. Users should pay attention to the specification of the particular CD-ROM format of their copy.

The present version 2.0 has been thoroughly tested on Macintosh systems using Netscape Navigator versions 3.01 and 4.03. The standard memory assignment of 9MB RAM allows for a trouble-free simultaneous usage of several windows. In general, higher assignments of memory increase the performance.

The time required for loading the images and pages with numerous links varies considerably depending on the performance of the computer system used. Slowly loading pages should be kept open using the facilities of the browser employed. Most importantly, it is recommended to always leave the List of folios open which is the central entry point for navigating through the Manuscript.

Bottle-necks of performance are the Survey pages containing the thumbnails and the JAVA applets indicating at the Working level the division of the page into text blocks by blue frames. When the electronic representation is used under low memory conditions or with low performance systems it is recommended to avoid to load these pages.

The window behavior is highly dependent on the browser. The present version is optimized for the Netscape Navigator. Due to present limitations of the JAVA implementation the window behavior shows unavoidable pecularities if the blue frames are activated.