Writing in Codex 72
other than Galileo's Notes on Motion and Mechanics

The first 32 folios

of the codex contain several different writings, among which are:

1) a modern copy of the Galilean lemma on the centre of gravity of solids, produced by the physicist and historian of science Giambattista Venturi, along with an anonymous evaluation of that lemma [ff. 3r-6v]; see Opere, I, 204-208; X, 21-22.

2) two copies of Le mecaniche [ff. 9-62 and 27bis-28 (the 40-page fascicule numbered separately)] see Opere, II, 155-190.

3) a copy of a fragment by Galileo on the properties of the lever [f. 27r-v]; see Opere, VIII, 366,1-367.14.

4) a copy of the dedication of the Discorsi to the Count of Noailles [f.28r-v]; see Opere, VIII, 43-44.

5) a copy of a fragment concerning the same dedication to Noailles [f. 30r]; see Opere, VIII, 365.

6) a copy of the preface to the Discorsi [ff. 31r-32r]; see Opere, VIII, 45-46.

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Letters interspersed with folios 33 to 196:

Besides the fragments on motion, this part of the manuscript also includes three short letters to Galileo: at folio 78r from Niccolo' Cini (January 10th, 1630; see Opere, XIV, 69.) at folio 93r from Cesare Galletti (January 29th, 1631; see Opere, XIV, 207.); at folio 125r from Alessandro Ninci (March 3rd, 1636; see Opere, XVI, 398-399.).

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