Dieter Hoffmann

Research Scholar

Dr., Außerplanmäßiger Professor an der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Residence: since December 1, 1995


Dieter Hoffmann (born 1948)
The focus of his researches is the history of science and physics in the
19th and 20th century, in particular through biographies and institutional
histories and by focusing on Berlin as a leading centre of science and
technology. Another focus is science in totalitarian regimes, in
particular during the Third Reich and in the former GDR.

Dieter Hoffmann is adjunct professor at the Humboldt-Universität zu
Berlin; a member of the International Academy of the History of Science
and of the Leopoldina, National Academy of Sciences. In 2010 he was
honored with the Honorary Pin of the German Physical Society.

Actual Research Topics:
- Quantum Physics during the early twenty century in Berlin
- Biography of Max Planck
- The Imperial Institute for Science and Technology during the Third Reich