Transliteration and Transfiguration of Cultural Traditions

Transliteration and Transfiguration of Cultural Traditions: Archaeology, Medical Knowledge, Art, and Science

Other involved Scholars: 

Wilhelm Boland (MPI for Chemical Ecology)
Jens Braarvig (University Oslo)
Rüdiger Kniep (MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids)
Gerhard Wolf (KHI - Max Planck Institute)
Rüdiger Wolfrum (MPI for Comparative Public Law and International Law)

Cooperation Partners: 

Mongolian Academy od Sciences, National University of Mongolia


Painting on roof of a monastery in Terelij Nationalpark Mongolia (Photo: S. Rieger, 2006)

There is an ongoing scientific cooperation of Max Planck Institutes with the Mongolian Academy of the Sciences and the National University of Mongolia.
The central theme is the transliteration and transfiguration of cultural traditions and their significance in the historic development of the globalization of knowledge, with a special focus on Mongolian cultural heritage and traditions. It will be systematically analyzed by means of examples provided by Mongolian and Western scholars.

  1. expeditions to Mongolia
  2. conferences and workshops
  3. cooperation with Mongolian research group
  4. Competence Center for Digitization of  Mongolian Cultural Heritage