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"Burning Flying Locusts" (焚飛蝗圖), Chen Chongdi (陳崇砥), Locust Control Manual (治蝗書), Banxi zhai, (1847) 1880 ed.
The earliest recording of "making the peak(s) of Mount South as the Front Gate (of the city)"
Tokyo teikoku daigaku risaisha jōjōkyoku (Tokyo Imperial University Relief Information Bureau), "Teitō dashinkasai keitō chizu (Map of the Fire of Tokyo)", 1923.

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Department I | Structural Changes in Systems of Knowledge

MPG Minerva Research Group | Reading and Writing Nature in Early Modern Europe

Max Planck Research Program | History of the Max Planck Society

TOPOI Junior Research Group | Between Knowledge and Innovation: the Unequal-Armed Balance