Virtual Spaces

Virtual Knowledge Spaces and Virtual Exhibitions


Slide of a media station

In 2005, the MPIWG created the virtual Albert Einstein exhibition. This virtual exhibition made the content of the “real” 2005 Albert Einstein exhibition available online. The software used to create the virtual Albert Einstein exhibition was redesigned in the context of a diploma thesis written in 2008 in cooperation with the MPIWG. Released as “Virtual Spaces 2008,” this redesigned software has a broader range of possible applications. It is open source software implemented in Java and has an easy-to-use graphical user interface for creating 2D graphs that represent real, fictive or knowledge spaces. From 2D graphs, virtual tours through such virtual spaces can be generated. The current version of Virtual Spaces 2008 creates HTML pages, a PDF or RTF file of a virtual tour. Its modular architecture facilitates the export functionality by implementing new components that create other file formats. The technology used for the Internet representation of a Virtual Space can therefore kept up-to-date with modern Web standards. Virtual Spaces 2008 is freely available at