Historical Epistemology in Action

Historical Epistemology in Action

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The Internet's routing structure as of November 24,2003. Image produced by the opte project. Licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Science and scholarship in the humanities evolve as parts of a comprehensive system of knowledge.  External representations of knowledge such as language, writing, and new media such as the Internet are closely intertwined with this evolution. The emergence of digital humanities is therefore expected to have profound repercussions on the structure of scholarly work and its impact on society at large.

In compliance with this insight the Department explores new web-based forms of knowledge dissemination in order to probe the potential of innovative information technologies for opening up new horizons for the humanities and their place in society, and also in order to investigate the capacity of the history of science to act as a mediator between science and society.

Novel forms of dissemination combining scholarly communication with public outreach have are adopted to investigate the potential of the history of science as a mediator between science and society, also in the service of the Max Planck Society as a whole. Research is furthermore made public in the framework of exhibitions, lectures, school and public relation activities,  as well as by developing workflows for open access publications.