Departments and Groups

Departments and Groups

Department I: Structural Changes in Systems of Knowledge

Department II: Ideals and Practices of Rationality

Department III: Artefacts, Action, and Knowledge

Max Planck Research Group: Epistemes of Modern Acoustics

Max Planck Research Group: Historical Epistemology of the Final Theory Program

MPG Minerva Research Group: Reading and Writing Nature in Early Modern Europe

Max Planck Research Group (2010–2016): Modern Geometry and the Concept of Space

Max Planck Research Group (2010–2016): The Construction of Norms in 17th- to 19th-Century Europe and the United States

Max Planck Research Program: History of the Max Planck Society

TOPOI Junior Research Group: Between Knowledge and Innovation: the Unequal-Armed Balance

Department Rheinberger (1997-2014): Experimental Systems and Spaces of Knowledge

Max Planck Research Group (2009-2015): Twentieth Century Histories of Knowledge About Human Variation

Max Planck Research Group (2011-2015): Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe