Frank Stahnisch

Visiting Scholar
Visiting Scholars are established scholars, as evidenced by significant publications and broad academic experience, spending a fixed term as guests at the MPIWG for research purposes. They may be externally funded or receive a Research Fellowship from the MPIWG.
Department I
Dr., Full Professor, University of Calgary
16. Juli 2017 to 15. Juli 2018

Frank Stahnisch joined the Research Program on the History of the Max Planck Society (GMPG) in 2017. He obtained his doctorate in the History of Medicine at the Institute for the History of Medicine of the Free University of Berlin (2001). Being trained as a medical doctor as well as in philosophy of science led him to become particularly interested in history of medicine. Frank currently holds the AMF/Hannah Professorship in the History of Medicine and Health Care at the University of Calgary in Canada.

Frank’s academic expertise lies across the history and philosophy of laboratory-based research in Western medicine, the long history and theory of the nerve and brain sciences, and social and philosophical questions regarding the use of pictures and imaging techniques in modern medical practice. He has published on the history of experimental biomedicine and the neurosciences, including a monograph on the French experimental physiologist François Magendie in the nineteenth century (1783–1855). His current GMPG project is entitled “The Making of a New Research Field: On the Pursuit of Interdisciplinarity in the German Neuromorphological Sciences, 1910–1945.”


Max Planck Institute for the History of Science 
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14195 Berlin