Brooke Penaloza Patzak

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow
Visiting Predoctoral Fellows are candidates for a doctorate at an accredited university who are externally financed by the home university or other fellowship.
Department II
Doctoral Student, University of Vienna
1. September 2017 to 30. November 2017

Brooke Penaloza Patzak is an Austrian Academy of Sciences Doc Fellow (2014–2018) and PhD candidate at the University of Vienna History Department, where she is completing a dissertation entitled "Instituting Anthropology: The Circulation of Scientists and Ethnographic Materials Between North America, Germany, and Austria, 1883–1933," looking at the impact of the circulation of, and exchanges with, German-speaking scientists on the practice and institutionalization of American cultural anthropology.

She has been a Visiting Researcher at the Berlin Ethnologisches Museum (2014), and is the recipient of an American Museum of Natural History Collection Study Grant (2013) and a SIMA Fellowship from the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History (2013).

Penaloza Patzak received an MA from the Bard Graduate Center with a thesis on the relationship between anthropologist Franz Boas and art and cultural historian Aby Warburg (2011) and a BFA with a focus on Byzantine-style panel painting from Alfred University NYSCC (2008). She began teaching history at the University of Vienna in 2015, was recently hired as an adjunct faculty member for the Webster University Global Citizenship Program, and is a member of the University of Vienna Working Group on the History of Science (AGWG) and and the "Wissenschaft und Metropole" group of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Kommission Geschichte und Philosophie der Wissenschaften.

November 2017
Symposium, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, SIMA 2017 Symposium, Washington D.C.
"The Material Ties that Bind: North American Anthropology, Bastian, Boas, and Beyond"
November 2017
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Science in the Metropolis/Wissenschaft und Metropole, Vienna
"Capital Collections, Thick Spaces: A Comparative Case Study of Structural Viscosity in fin de siècle Ethnographic Museum Networks, Vienna, and Berlin"
March 2014
Austrian Academy of Sciences, ÖAW StipendiatInnenwochenende, Vienna
"Instituting Anthropology: The Circulation of Scientists and Ethnographic Materials Between North America, Germany, and Austria, 1883–1933"
Teaching activities
Spring Term II 2018
Webster University, Global Citizenship Program, Vienna "The Production of Scientific Object and Fact"
Winter Semester 2015
University of Vienna, History Dept., Masters course, with Mitchell Ash"Material Culture. Dinge und ihre Zirkulation"


Max Planck Institute for the History of Science 
Boltzmannstraße 22 
14195 Berlin 

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