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Lorraine Daston, Peter Galison

In the middle decades of the nineteenth century objectivity established itself as a (if not the) cardinal epistemic virtue in the sciences. From astronomy to paleontology to physiology, new ways of making images, assessing error, and designing experiments were enlisted in the service of objectivity.


Historische Epistemologie zur Einführung

Erst allmählich entwickelte sich im Laufe des 20. Jahrhunderts ein komplexes, sozialhistorisch und denkhistorisch motiviertes Nachdenken über Wissenschaft, das in seinem Kern darin bestand, die Wissenschaftsphilosophie zu historisieren.


Working Group Books

Working Group Books are an MPIWG specialty: volumes written by two or more authors which are the result of intensive collaboration, involving multiple working sessions in which drafts of the individual chapters are presented, discussed, and revised. Many MPIWG research projects publish their principal results in this form, in addition to books and articles by individual participating scholars. These Working Group Books are especially well suited to opening up new fields of research and to covering topics from a comparative perspective, both challenges that invite collective rather than individual scholarship.


Esther Chen, Leiterin der Bibliothek

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