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Rectal dilator, Shelton Physician's Vibrator, Made by Shelton Vibrator, Shelton Electric Co., Chicago, U.S.A., 1906-1917, Blythe House, Science Museum, London, England, A659643.
Ling’endian, the main sacrificial hall at the tomb of the Yongle Emperor. Photography by author, 2014.
Late sixteenth-century map of east China and the Korean peninsula, viewed from the north. Song Yingchang, Jinglüe fugue yaobian [Summary of the restitution of Korea by the Military Commissioner] (Taipei: Huawen shuju, 1968), 1:28-29.

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Abteilung I | Strukturwandel von Wissenssystemen

Abteilung II | Ideale und Praktiken der Rationalität

MPG Minerva-Forschungsgruppe | Die Natur lesen und schreiben in der Frühen Neuzeit

Max Planck Research Program | History of the Max Planck Society

TOPOI Nachwuchsgruppe | Waagen zwischen Wissen und Innovation