Scientific Objects

History of Scientific Objects

Other involved Scholars: 

Hanna-Lotte Lund
Ilana Löwy
Hartmut Kern

Site of the Research Network

This Research Network aimed to draw attention to an essential part of the material culture of modern sciences, which has only recently become a field of scientific research: Scientific Objects. Areas of research included: The emergence of new objects in scientific enquiry; the relationship between scientific artefacts (e.g. instruments) and technological systems; scientific things as historical evidence; the interaction among scientific things, images and texts. For a research outline please download the funding paper.

The Network aimed to promote an integrated interdisciplinary approach on the topic, involving junior and senior scholars in leading institutions worldwide. The different projects of the Network (workshops, paper groups, wandering seminars) were dedicated to scholarly exchange at all levels. The Network also seeked to inspire collaborations between historians of science based at museums and universities.

For practical information please contact: Hannah Lotte Lund (

Network Members: 

Prof. Günter Abel, TU Berlin
Prof. Jochen Brüning, HU Berlin
Prof. Lorraine Daston, MPI for the History of Science, Berlin
Prof. Peter Galison, Harvard University, Cambridge
Prof. Paolo Galluzzi, Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence
Prof. Michael Hagner, ETH Zürich
Dr. Nick Hopwood, University of Cambridge
Prof. Friedrich Kittler, HU Berlin
Prof. Eberhard Knobloch, TU Berlin
Prof. Wolfgang Krohn, University of Bielefeld
Prof. Thomas Macho, HU Berlin
Prof. Everett Mendelsohn, Harvard University, Cambridge
Prof. Dominique Pestre, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris
Prof. Claudio Pogliano, University of Pisa
Prof. Jürgen Renn, MPI for the History of Science, Berlin
Prof. Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, MPI for the History of Science, Berlin
Prof. Simon Schaffer, University of Cambridge
Prof. Jacob Tanner, University of Zurich
Prof. Helmuth Trischler, Deutsches Museum, München
Prof. Peter Weingart, University of Bielefeld
Prof. Dr. Carsten Reinhardt, University of Bielefeld