Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

The PhD candidates constituting the PhD Group affiliated to the Department I of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science undertake dissertations and research projects that form integral parts for the main projects of the Department and its scholars. To find out more about the research activities of Department I, please consult the recent edition of the MPIWG Research Report.

The PhD candidates of Department I, who in principle can be enrolled at any university in the world, are usually officially supervised by at least one scholar of Department I, either as first or second supervisor. It is not mandatory to have the financial support of Department I to belong to its group of PhD candidates.

The group of PhD candidates of the Department I meets regularly. During these meetings, one or two PhD candidates will usually present their work according to the progress of their dissertations. They will usually present either single chapter or general exposé of their dissertation projects. Presentation forms and modalities therefore vary accordingly. These meetings are attended by all PhD candidates and also by some scholars of Department I. The reading material is usually circulated one week in advance.

Considering that each dissertation project has its own specific characteristics, requirements, and potential, and considering the subjectivity of each individual candidate, the main objectives of the PhD Group of Department I are achieved in particular by relying on the environment of cooperation that characterizes this group, its meetings and its relations with the senior scholars. The objectives are:

  • to assist the candidates during the initial phase in focusing their research subject and advising on the initial selection of pertinent literature
  • to support the development of appropriate IT-infrastructures for each dissertation project in connection with the infrastructures of Department I's main projects
  • to foster the habit of working in a common environment characterized by intellectual cooperation
  • to offer training on how to prepare and deliver talks in different situations
  • to offer support to the candidates in all phases of their work, including organizational assistance


The activities of the Group of the PhD candidates of Department I are coordinated by Matteo